I really like the practice, doing it regularly, sharing the space and breath with the class. I think (that) with everyone’s life the link of breath, consciousness, opening the heart and settling the mind is very important....and I am very grateful for you guiding us all every week, we are a lucky and yummy group, love..
— Kae
For me, yoga practice is an integral and valuable part of my life as a student. While the morning classes help me to awaken and focus my mind, the evening classes allow me to relax and recharge,
calming my busy thoughts and alleviate any physical and emotional tension. Yoga practices with you is what helps me to get through the most stressful times, and provides me with opportunities to
re-balance, re-focus and maintains my sanity- Thank you!!
— Natascha
I loved the variety of the day (MeTreat)- relaxation, yoga, chanting, flowers, food, sharing, swimming and yum chai...and I really like you, your energy/essence, how you hold the group, and I enjoy hearing what you say.
I guess I was looking for rejuvenation, connection, doing something new with different women - all this was met....totally.
— Georgie (Yoga MeTreat)
Noa is quite simply the best Yoga teacher in Nelson. Her teaching style is warm, relaxed and fun! Being a mother, she understands what we busy women are ‘bringing to class’ and knows how to guide you.
— Jane
My expectations were met and surpassed. I feel I got what I needed, even if I didn’t know what it was before I arrived...
— Cher (Yoga MeTreat)
I love the Yoga classes for many reasons...they make me feel good, give a different perspective, temporarily clear the mind, make me conscious about things like breathing and parts of the body etc. Your classes are marvelous. Your style (I find quite original and new), and your voice is amazing.
— Charlie